Brenna Hicks

Calling All CCPT Supervisors!!

Thank you for your interest in helping me build a directory of exclusively Child-Centered Play Therapy Supervisors!

This is a resource that is desparately needed.

I’m Dr. Brenna Hicks. You might know me as the host of the Play Therapy Podcast.  You probably got here because you saw something I posted, or from my podcast.

I’m a strong advocate for being supervised by someone with your same theoretical orientation.

I talk to play therapists all over the world on a daily basis and I hear their struggles.  One common struggle I hear is that they aren’t being supervised by a CCPT-S and it’s causing frustration and problems, and ultimately, it’s a disservice to the kids they serve.  That bothers me.

Well, when I’m bothered, I like to do something about it.  That is why my husband (who is a web developer and search engine expert) and I are building a directory so that pre-licensed play therapists who feel compelled towards the CCPT model can find a qualified supervisor.

If you are a play therapist supervisor who has expertise in and adheres to the child-centered model, please consider filling out the form below so we can begin the work of building and promoting a directory to serve CCPT therapists.

I will contact you directly, shortly after, to get more details so we can build the directory.

Thank you in helping me with this effort!

– Brenna


Please fill the form below to get help me get started building this directory. It’s completely free, there is no catch. I’m simply trying to help the CCPT community.